Heavy Metal


Oh, beautiful jewelry. We’ll take one of each, please. (Yes, we need that much jewelry.)

Row 1: Summit Necklace by Cursive Design > Hinge Necklace by Arrow Jewelry > Salt Ring by Species by the Thousands

Row 2: Cone Earrings by mikinora > Tentacle Ring by Peggy Skemp > Bullet Fringe Necklace by Scarlett Garnet

Row 3: Bangle Set by Fail Jewelry > Brass Rounds by Lauren Haupt > Long Night Necklace by Shades of Grey

Each and every one of these artists will be at the 9th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Chicago on September 10 + 11!

Check out all of the Chicago RCF artists HERE!

Prints, Charming


Chicago is a crazy awesome town for printmaking, everyone knows that. So it makes sense that we have some off-the-charts amazing printmakers lined up for RCF Chicago. Here’s just a tiny sampling of the kind of prints you can expect to see at the Fair. Print on, y’all.


1. Yee-haw Industrial Letterpress | 2. Kevin O’Rourke | 3. Vahalla Studios | 4. Stukenborg Studio & Press | 5. Matty Cipov | 6. LauraGeorge | 7. Clinton Reno | 8. Ryan Kapp | 9. Screen Queens | 10. strawberryluna | 11. Little Friends of Printmaking | 12. Tugboat Printshop | 13. The Bird Machine | 14. Berkley Illustration! | 15. Delicious Design League | 16. Dan Grzeca | 17. Spudnik Press Cooperative | 18. rar rar press | 19. Robby Davis | 20. Yardsale Press | 21. Yellowlion | 22. Drew Morrison | 23. Kevin Tong Illustration | 24. Methane Studios | 25. Little Things Studio

Check out all of the awesome printmakers and other artists representing at the 9th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Chicago HERE!

Into the Woods

Having just spent the last two weeks in the woods in Michigan, I’m feeling mighty inspired by the great outdoors.  Here’s a showcase for all you tree huggers out there!

Items shown above –>

Forest Painting ~ iamhome
Tree Slice Stick Stool ~ The Elizabeth Element
The Knot Ring ~ Gustav Reyes
Faraway Places Print ~ Mat Daly
Lumber Jack ~ Mimi Kirchner
Carved Initial Vase ~ Bettula
Cut Cedar Lamp ~ Yellow Square Love
Bottle Terrarium ~ Twig Terrariums

Neil Young + RCF Chicago = Success!


Set to the album “Harvest” + Clockwise from left


We love Neil Young. You love Neil Young. If you don’t love Neil Young and you’re reading this, then you must love handmade goods. We also love handmade goods.


Track One: Neil Young, “Out on the Weekend” ~ Dolan Geiman, “Couple, Art Set”

(These two are out, and it’s definitely the weekend. OK?)

Track Two: Neil Young,” Harvest” ~ Know Your Flag, “Stacker of Wheat, Poster”

(“On this harvest moon wheat…”)

Track Three: Neil Young, “A Man Needs a Maid” ~ Jerseymaids, “Polaroid Cat Photo, Nightlight”

(Aren’t we all “maids” to our cats? A Cat Needs a Maid! Also, Jerseymaids.)

Track Four: Neil Young, “Heart of Gold” ~ Romantiques, “Horse Shoe Heart, Necklace”

(Yup. Puurrrfect.)

Track Five: Neil Young, “Are You Ready for the Country” ~ Kate Funk, “AC’s a Good Ol’ Boy, Greeting Card”

(I would totally date that cat)

Track Six: Neil Young, “Old Man” ~ justAjar Design Press, “Bear Riding  a Bike, Greeting Card”

(That bear looks old. Right?)

Track Seven: Neil Young, “There’s a World” ~ 1canoe2, “Things that are Round, Letterpress Coaster”

(It’s a globe.)

Track Eight: Neil Young, “Alabama” ~ Shapes and Colors, “Navajo Quilt Pillow, Dijon”

(The origin of the name “Alabama” is “Tribal Town”, this one was tough OK?)

Track Nine: Neil Young, “The Needle and the Damage Done” ~ Little Ocean, “Hand Stamped Skirt”

(A needle was used in the making of that skirt.)

Track Ten: Neil Young, “Words (Between the Lines of Age)” ~ Lets Be Friends, “Letter Press Library Cards” (IMAGINATION!)

To see more of our FANTASTIC Chicago Renegade Craft Fair artists visit our artists page!

What’s your favorite Neil Young song/album? (Mine’s “Harvest” obvs.)

Put a Monster In Your Closet


File this one under “Everyone loves an underdog”: While in Los Angeles for the Renegade Craft Fair, David Murray’s (of rad t-shirt line SEIBEI) van, with all of his inventory, was stolen. Seriously, who does that? Jerks. And while he did eventually get his van back, all of his inventory was gone. Huge bummer. Not one to feel sorry for himself, David got a Kickstarter campaign together (see video below), and reached his funding goal in an amazing 48 hours. Awesome. The campaign is still going, and you can still donate and get some great handmade work in return. We’re loving the support the handmade community continues to show. Way to go, everyone!

3rd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles

Saddest picture ever? Maybe.

Rebe, Hillery Sproatt and Specks & Keepings


Debra Weiss and Hillery Sproatt work wonders with textiles, making beautiful home-wares, coats, dresses, handbags and much much more.  Their fabric choices are bold and warm, and their clothing is feminine yet cozy.  Each creation seems to tell a story – a beautiful, colorful story that inspires warmth and wonder.  We’re excited to see what they have in store for us at the upcoming Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago!

Hillery also has her own small online boutique, Specks & Keepings, where you can purchase things made by mother + daughter duo.  It is filled with all sorts of beautiful handmade and collected objects of design.  “It is a showcase of thoughtfully made goods that aim to inspire a simple lifestyle that is carefully shaped and chosen.”


“When browsing the shop, I hope people will be overwhelmed with a sense of wonder at the beauty of a handmade life. I aimed to create a shopping environment that encourages people to think about what it is they are bringing into their homes and into their lives. I believe on some level, our possessions are an extension of ourselves and they should speak to who we are as individuals. Things are always more beautiful when they mean something to us.”

She also has a beautiful blog if you’re looking for some eye candy!

All in the game yo, all in the game.


The Wire.

Even though we’re so so pumped to bring the RCF home to Chicago (September 10 + 11!), we couldn’t resist imagining the Fair through the eyes of our favorite Baltimore characters (what, you don’t think Stringer Bell would come to the Fair? We disagree). (Note: All items are by artists appearing in the Chicago RCF! Check out all of our artists here!)

(Clockwise from top left)

>> Jimmy McNulty can sip his beloved Jameson from this shamrock flask by Kit Paulson and combine his love for drinking with his love for his Irish heritage. Win-win.

>> This fast food print from Hero Design Studio beautifully captures the late night stakeouts and bromance of Herc and Carver.

>> No spoilers here, but let’s face it, there are a lot of deaths in The Wire. A lot. This plush tombstone by McBitterson’s is a little reminder that The Game just might get you in the end.

>> Whether we’re talking about the Eastern or Western Districts, the docks, or Hamsterdam, we’re talking about Baltimore. This print by LuciusArt is a perfect ode to Charm City.

>> If only Labrabbit Optics was in Baltimore, then maybe Shardene wouldn’t have had to get those grandma glasses.

>> Lester would surely appreciate the miniature worlds of Twig Terrariums. Such tiny detail!

>> The students in Mr. Pryz’s class might have been more excited about school if they had this rad backpack from Mokuyobi to use.

>> In the all-craft version of The Wire (and, ps, who do we have to talk to to get this made?), guns would be plush and awesome. This one’s by Steff Bomb (and yes, we know it’s actually a Star Wars blaster. Use your imagination!)

>> Speaking of plush and awesome, please see this Omar Little finger puppet by abbeychristine. “The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell…”

I wawnt that.



Clockwise from top left:

boyfren/girlfren ~ Book bag

Nice ~ Banner “Wild Heart”

PLYtextiles ~ BLOK tiles felt pillow

Debbie Carlos ~ Orange flowers 30 X 40 inches

The Chicago Renegade Craft Fair is coming up soon! See these and other very talented vendors September 10 + 11th. More showcases and spotlights to come! Check back often!