Paper Covers Rock

We can’t believe we almost forgot to share this. Yes, folks, this is how the Renegade Gang spent our Saturday night after the San Francisco RCF – a rollicking game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and a huge amount of delicious Indian pizza. Here’s to the magic of a time lapse iPhone app.

2011 West Coast RCF Recap!

The Renegade Gang is back safe + sound in our hometown of Chicago, and we’re missing the West Coast already! All we can say is THANK YOU to all of the awesome vendors + attendees who made this summer’s West Coast Fairs some of our favorites.

We wish we could feature each and every booth and artist who was at each Fair, but we had to pare it down to some highlights. Be sure to check out our San Francisco and Los Angeles artist pages to find your favorites, and check out our Flickr sets (SF + LA) for more snaps from the West Coast Fairs.

And special thanks to our wonderful sponsors for making the Fairs possible: BurdaStyle, Amoeba Music, 7×7 SF, SF Weekly, LUNA Bar, and LA Weekly.


San Francisco booth set-ups were clever, fun, and interactive. Clockwise from top left: Wood Thumb Ties, The Poetry Store, Jen Hewett.

200+ of the best makers of handmade goods in one awesome setting? Don’t mind if we do! Clockwise from top left: Studio Nico, Shannon Gerard, Magic Industrie, ImagineNations.

Attendees (lots of ’em!) got crafty with workshops by Accessorize with Toys, the Museum of Craft and Design, and Renegade’s own Friendship Bracelet Making table.

~ ~ ~

Then from chilly but lovely San Francisco to warm and sunny Los Angeles! No one let a little freeway closure keep them away, and the Los Angeles Fair was a super-fun time!


People got super crafty at the Fair with workshops by (clockwise from top left) Professor Pincushion, The Urban Craft Center, Power and Light Press, Side Street Projects, and (not pictured) Sew LA, Swap-O-Rama-Rama, and Renegade. Workshops galore!


Whether your style was simple + serene or colorful + quirky, our awesome LA artists had you covered. Above, clockwise from top left: Paulova, Erin Dollar, Nous Savons. Below, clockwise from top left: Coldwater Canyon Provisions, Ugly Baby, Kattuna.


Thanks for being so awesome, West Coast! We’ll see you in December!
~ The Renegade Gang

THANK YOU, Los Angeles!


The 3rd Annual Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles was a blast! Los Angeles fans and friends didn’t let a little freeway closure keep them away from LA’s greatest outdoor market for handmade goods. To all of our FANTASTIC artists, sponsors, attendees, and friends, you really made this a fun Fair. Thank you so much. We’ll give you a full West Coast wrap-up this week, but in the meantime, check out our RCF Los Angeles Flickr photostream (and be sure to check back often, we’ll be adding photos all week!) for pics from the Fair.


We love you, Los Angeles!

– The Renegade Gang


Renegade Craft Fair Returns to Los Angeles THIS WEEKEND!

We are California Dreamin’ in a big way about this weekend’s 3rd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles at the Los Angeles State Historic Park!

Over 200 of the best and most exciting indie crafters will be on hand – check out our artist page to get a head start on finding your favorites!

At the Fair, get crafty with hands-on workshops, enter to win AMAZING prizes in our free raffle, play it serious or silly in the photobooth (Saturday only), and above all, HAVE FUN!


Skip the beach, head to the Fair! Don’t let Carmageddon get you down! Check out alternate routes here to make getting to the Fair easy in light of the 405 closure. Most routes to the Fair will not be directly affected by the closure, but it’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of time and have an alternate route planned. Or, take public transportation! The Metro Gold Line goes right to the Fair!


As always, the Renegade Craft Fair is FREE TO ATTEND, and runs from 11a-7p Saturday + Sunday!

Get the full scoop on the Fair right here!

See you at the Fair!


Livin’ It Up in Los Angeles!


Soaking up some rays at the beach, spotting celebrities about town, and enjoying the glorious weather are all viable options for livin’ it up while in Los Angeles, but for off-the-beaten path favorites in the City of Angels check out a few hot spots courtesy of our local vendors!

While out west, The Renegade Gang is jonesing for In-N-Out Burger, but if you are looking for a classier food option while in town for the Fair, Stacy of By Simple suggests Bottega Louie, a great Italian restaurant downtown that also “serves a great brunch menu with fresh-squeezed juices and fluffy french toast!”

If heading outside L.A. proper is on your to-do list, Sarah from Friends Again recommends heading to Topanga Canyon for lunch or brunch at the Inn of the Seventh Ray. While there, stop by Hidden Treasures to browse racks of vintage clothing.

Still have money to spend after browsing crafts at the Fair? Sarah also suggests a stroll down Abbot Kinney. She says, “the whole street is nothing but amazing shops and boutiques, no big chains, and food trucks congregate at the end of the street. One of my favorite streets in all of L.A., and close to Venice Beach!  My favorite store on the whole street is Tortoise General Store. The have really beautiful Japanese products that are amazingly curated!”

To take a break from the hustle and bustle, Julie from MAGNA suggests a visit to the Museum of Jurassic Technology to scope out the quirky natural history relics. Stacy from By Simple also recommends Maguire Gardens in front of the Los Angeles Public Library as a place to unwind. She says, “The park-like setting (with fountains, lush trees and winding paths) is such a great contrast against the modern downtown buildings. Also inside the library is the best little gift shop around!” If our schedule permits, The Renegade Gang likes to unwind with a trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

If lounge music and drinks are more your style, Sarah from The Bocket Store says that a trip to the Dresden Room in the Los Feliz neighborhood is a must. She explains, “It’s a classic old lounge. Cork walls. Old bartenders. They have a house drink called Blood and Sand (it looks and tastes like Hawaiian Punch). And most of all 5-6 nights a week there’s an old couple, Marty and Elaine, who sing awesome lounge music. They wear matching outfits and sing an energetic Staylin’ Alive and the usual Frank Sinatra.” This sounds right up Renegade’s alley!

Also going on during the Fair weekend is the Craft Fair Bingo BBQ hosted by Two Rabbits Studios this Saturday night.

L.A. is clearly a great city for sun, fun, and so much more!

Local vendors, thanks for letting us know what makes your city so special!

If you have a must-do recommendation for livin’ it up in L.A. please add it to the comments below. We will see you soon, Los Angeles!




F E A T U R E D ~ Alternate Histories + Misanthrope Co.

File under “Booths We’re Excited to See at the LA RCF“: Alternate Histories. Pittsburgh artist Matthew Buchholz reimagines history by doctoring vintage images to look like there might have been UFOs, monsters, and zombies lurking there all along. The result is really convincing, and really awesome.

UFO Lover Attack

Also, Matthew made a ridiculously cool trailer for the LA RCF –  we’re having trouble linking it, but please please, check it out here!



Another vendor we’re always excited to see is Misanthrope Specialty Co., who will be back in LA with his always charming Unflattering Portraits. Founded in 1999, the M.S.Co. is” a secret society, business company, and fully collaborative arts collective comprised of untrained dilettantes, perverts and purveyors of hokum.” Yes, yes, and yes. Sign up for an Unflattering Portrait Sitting this weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles! Hurry, slots fill up quickly!


Be sure to check out ALL of our A M A Z I N G Los Angeles artists here!

F E A T U R E D: Fawa, Natalia Cervantes Art

Your blog is really cool! The entries are in both English and Spanish. Where are you from originally?

My family is originally from Chiapas, Mexico. They are coffee growers, so maybe that’s why I respect and admire any craft that takes time, dedication, hard work, and a little magic to come into existence.

I read on your blog that you’re involved in a grant project. Can you tell me more about it?

I just finished making 300 knitted and sewn dolls, all diferent, made by hand and a sewing machine. It was a one year grant that sustained making these dolls. *Esculturas textiles fawa*

Your website has gotten me really excited about stamp making, how did you get into it?

I wanted to continue printmaking which I studied at university. I found a way to make the plates in an affordable manner, so I can continue to carve and sell to whoever requests a portrait (see portraits here). I very much enjoy stamp making… I enjoy mostly the carving, Im not particular about printing, which I do enjoy sometimes.

Are there any products you will be unveiling at the L.A. RCF?

Yes! I made a lot of practical stuff hand stamped with my carved images. I’ll also be bringing some of the dolls I knitted & sewed, some new paintings, and of course my stamps.

Thanks Fawa! We’re looking forward to seeing your lovely work in person this weekend at RCF Los Angeles!

Check out our Los Angeles artist page for more of our talented vendors! See you this weekend!


Thank You, San Francisco!


The 4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco was a G R E A T time! San Francisco fans and friends of Renegade came out in droves to see all the handmade goodness our wonderful artists had to offer. To all of our FANTASTIC artists, sponsors, attendees, and friends, you really made this an amazing fair. Thank you so much. We’ll give you a full wrap-up in the next few days, but in the meantime, check out our RCF San Francisco Flickr photostream (and be sure to check back often, we’ll be adding photos all week!) for a glimpse of the fair.

We love you, San Francisco!– The Renegade Gang

This Weekend: The 4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco!

San Francisco Flier

We’re well prepared to leave our hearts in San Francisco for the

4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco!


Our artist line-up just might blow your mind. Pick out your must-sees before the Fair!

At the Fair, get crafty with hands-on workshops, enter to win AMAZING prizes in our free raffle, play it serious or silly in the photobooth, and above all, HAVE FUN!

As always, the Renegade Craft Fair is FREE TO ATTEND!

Get the full scoop on the Fair right here!

See you at the Fair!

Best of the Bay: San Francisco!


With a city proper spanning roughly 7×7 miles, San Francisco manages to pack a lot of amazingness into a small area!

We reached out to our Bay Area experts – local vendors selling at San Francisco’s 4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair – for their favorite things to do. Enjoy their tips for San Francisco fun, and be sure to check out all of our vendors from near and far at the Fair this weekend!

If you aren’t planning on spending all of your money stocking up on crafts, Silvi from The Poetry Store suggests a stroll down Valencia Street to browse at Paxton Gate, Dog Eared Books, and The Pirate Store, among other fun shops. She says “Valencia Street epitomizes so many of San Francisco’s joys, especially if you’re a literary, crafty, margarita-loving nerd like me.” Grab a beverage at Puerto Allegre to try her favorite drink, and some delicious Mexican food, when you get your fill of shopping.

For vintage shopping, Yukako from Bahama Kangaroo says NO is a must, where you can find a “great selection of gems, and items from India and Thailand.” Leslie from Feisty Elle suggests a trip to Japantown to explore New People and to browse the stacks at Kinokuniya. If you get hungry, she suggests the ramen from Suzu Noodle House to keep your stomach from rumbling. If you didn’t get your craft fix from the Fair, Leslie also has a handy map for all things crafty in the bay area!

File under just plain fun, Helen from Cookie & the Dude suggests Lucky Ju Ju Pinball for a good time, and tells us that for $20 you can “play unlimited games and sip a tall boy while you’re at it.”

Renegade loves some pinball – almost as much as bingo – and Eden from Secession Art & Design let us know about a rowdy night of bingo hosted by The Knockout! Who’s up for a game of four corners?

For off-the-beaten-path fun, Nora of Nora Aoyagi suggests the Musee Mechanique for a quirky good time, and cites Mountain View Cemetery as an amazing architectural graveyard that is well worth a visit.

A trip to Fort Point, and a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge is a must, according to many vendors. Lisa of Zelma Rose exclaims “There is nothing like crossing the bridge and seeing that beautiful International Orange big and bright up against a clear blue sky.  It’s awesome.  Besides Fort Point being the location for Kim Novak’s dramatic plunge into the bay in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, Fort Point offers one of the most unique and up close views of the bridge.  A great spot for the camera happy.”

If you feel like scooting across the bridge on wheels, Gregg of GIGART suggests renting a bike, or driving over in a car. Head 30 minutes beyond the bridge to visit Muir Woods for an amazing outdoor experience. Alcatraz, Lombard Street, and a ride on a cable car are other classic San Francisco to-dos on Gregg’s list.

If dining in San Francisco is more your speed, several vendors, including Mai from M-square suggest Tartine Bakery for breads and other delicious cafe goodies. Eric and Anne of 3 Fish Studios recommend Outerlands where you can “see an entirely new side of San Francisco out by the beach.”

Eden from Secession Art & Design and Sabrina of Cynically Delicious both suggest Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack, describing it as a “quirky restaurant meets hipster dive bar,” and Nora Aoyagi and Eden of Secession Art & Design give high marks to the food at The Front Porch. Eden tells us “the fried chicken comes with popcorn, and their mac-n-cheese is so rockin’.”

For sweets, Lisa from Zelma Rose raves about Humphry Slocombe, explaining “not only do they offer a selection of well crafted ice creams and sorbets, but the flavors are out of this world.  Secret Breakfast- a combo of ice cream, bourbon and cornflakes! FlufferNutter, Butter Beer…need I say more?” Um no. No further explanation needed, count us in!

A beautiful bridge, groovy shops, and restaurants with character –

Who could ask for anything more?

Local vendors, thanks for letting us know what makes your city so special!

If you have a must-do recommendation please add it to the comments below to help us round out the best of the bay. See you soon, San Francisco!