F E A T U R E D ~ ImagineNations

We’re digging on these globes made by, ImagineNations. Wendy Gold is a Bay Area artist who will be showcasing at the upcoming RCF in San Francisco. We love to travel, and love vintage globes – so these will be a treat for us to see at the fair. We might even need one for our new office!




Wendy says she’s committed to making beautiful new worlds, imagined and real, with vintage globes at the core and recycled materials on the surface.  She was initially inspired by a beautiful globe she saw at the Alameda Flea Market, and loved the idea of using a canvas with inherent commentary in unexpected ways.

Wendy works out of her North Bay studio with her dog “Slim” by her side as “Worldwide” Creative Director.  Check out all of her amazing globes on her website!

F E A T U R E D ~ The Poetry Store

Today’s Featured Artist Series is dedicated to the inspiring work of The Poetry Store, who will be writing poems on the spot for attendees at the upcoming RCF in San Francisco!

Here’s how it works ~ Visit The Poetry Store booth and tell Silvi what you want your poem to be about, who you want it to be for, pick your paper, and in 3 minutes or less, she’ll have it for you, typed on her red royal typewriter!


How does she do it?  What inspires her? Here’s what she had to say about that:

I got into the craft business because it just felt like what I needed to do–I am a creative person, with lots of ideas, who loves working with my hands; I thrive off of meeting new people and hearing their stories; I desire a good challenge (which actually happens with every poem i write! because it teaches me something; and I have a need for work that’s always changing and evolving, so, here I am, making a living as a poet!

My creative influences include birds, typewriters, old things most people find useless, the moon (especially in daylight), death, Dean Young’s poetry, my students (who average about 85 years old), risk, bunnies, squirrels, jellyfish, string, a desire to understand, a desire to dream, a willingness to fail, a willingness to succeed.”

You can view some of her poems on her website. Below is one of my favorites – can’t wait to have one of my own!



F E A T U R E D – Brainstorm Print and Design



What lit the fire under your belly and made you start your business?

The fire was really a desire to never have a boss. We don’t like being told what to do or how to do it. Right from graduating college, we knew we enjoyed working together and collaborating on ideas. It was very natural. We’d be making artwork together regardless if we had started the company or not. Everything just makes sense this way.

American Atlas – The Northeast, American Atlas – The Midwest

What is your favorite part about Renegade and other craft fairs like it?

We have a lot of things we love about Renegade and the other craft fairs. We love the community of artists that we get to be a part of. We have made so many friends at these shows, both vendors and customers. Being surrounded by artists who love what they do AND being able to actually meet our customers on a beautiful weekend? Nothing better! Everyone is always in a fantastic, positive mood. Also the opportunity to travel and get our work in front of a real crowd of people. Nothing beats seeing a reaction to a piece in person and a screen print looks so much better when you are holding it as opposed to on a computer screen.

Drying Rack + Screen printing ink

Who inspires you right now in your community?


Anyone who is fearlessly doing what they love and making it. All the craft fair vendors. Every poster designer out there. Anybody passionately reaching for a goal. Entrepreneurs. Go-getters. In our immediate community, we are so glad to be a part of a group of up and coming artists who are all working in and showing at places like the Masthead Print Studio & Gallery, Part Time Studios, Space 1026, the Art Star Gallery & Boutique and the Print Center. Having all this local talent really keeps you going.



Jason mixing printing ink


Why silkscreen instead of digital for you personally?

Process, process, process! It feels so gratifying to create artwork the old fashioned way. It’s like cooking. The food is always better when you know it was made from scratch, with love. Nothing against digital printing, we do not shy away from our generation and the technology available, but really putting your heart into pulling great prints is extremely satisfying. We have control over every detail from mixing the ink to pulling the screen. It’s labor intensive but the finished product is always worth it.

Thank you so much for being a part of Renegade, Brainstorm! We love your work! Be sure to check them out July 9th + 10th at RCF San Francisco!
Speaking of San Francisco, check out the west coast print below! Super rad.






San Francisco RCF dream outfit…


Clockwise from top left:

A lovely crop top, by Make It Good

Delightful earrings, by Miki and Nora

Fantastic moccasins by Love Jules Leather

A Super bag by Jenny N. Design

See these lovely handmade items in REAL LIFE at RCF San Francisco July 9th + 10th!


san fran showcase-2

A celebration of all things ladylike to be found at the
Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco.

{Lace gloves not required.}


Clockwise-ish from top left.

Corset Jewelry Dish by Raquel Masri ~ Party Necklace by Cursive Design ~ Knit Cupcake by goodbyebluemonday ~ Be Nice Doily by Kristin Petiford ~ Bath Salt by ByNieves ~ Flutter By Globe by ImagineNations ~ Journal by Jen Hewett ~ Pretty in Pink Pocket Mirror by elloh ~ A Woman’s Work by Glass Cathedrals ~ Thank You Darling Note by Paper Pastries ~ Lady Cat Portrait by Berkley Illustration ~ Mini Bow Ring by Homako ~ Leaf Earrings by Victoria Bekerman ~ Teapot by dahlhaus ceramics

Check out all of our wonderful San Francisco artists here!

San Francisco Artist Showcase: Spirit Animal!

In honor of my Spirit Animal, the Bear, I have made the theme of this showcase all about bears! Here are some things I’m super excited to browse at the upcoming Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco –>


F E A T U R E D ~ The Oak Leaves

Today’s Brooklyn Crafter Spotlight is dedicated to Christina Brown of The Oak Leaves, and her amazing little “Shelf Cities” –>

A few years back I wanted to add a farmhouse and barn to my terrarium’s “countryside”,  so I set about working on the idea… It quickly took shape and evolved into its own thing; the Shelf City.  I make familiar buildings and arrange them “just like so” each morning.

When someone orders a Shelf City, I individually wrap each little house in tissue paper and a name tag. Then each one is nestled into a wooden box tied up with string and a bit of nature.

The best part is unwrapping each one, especially if they were given to you as a gift. I’ve been told the experience brings out your inner 3 year old… Which has prompted me to start leaving cities sitting all laid out in public places with a tag reading “Finders Keepers”. Its exciting to imagine who will find them, and how it will make them feel, since Ive given them permission to pocket it, of course…

Best of the Borough: Brooklyn!



The city that never sleeps didn’t get its nickname by being boring, that’s for certain!

With so much fun to be had in New York we asked our local vendors for their favorite neighborhood haunts to help narrow down the places to visit while in town. Venture across the bridge if you must, but there are plenty of things to keep you busy in the borough of Brooklyn when you aren’t enjoying the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend!

Karen from Life with Tigers suggests grabbing a bubble tea at the Saint Alps Teahouse before browsing the Fair’s wares. Hankering for some snacks after strolling the booths? Karen also says attendees should “Stop by any of the taco trucks parked on Bedford Ave on your way back to the L train. I lived on those things all day last year while minding my Renegade tent!”

Ashley from ashdel handmade has you covered for an entire day of fun while in Brooklyn. For brunch, and a little taste of France tucked away from the main drag of Bedford, she recommends Pates et Traditions, where you will experience “Great food, great service, and all crepes are $9 on Sundays!”  After you fill your belly she suggests visitors “hop on the train to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (don’t miss the bonsai museum!) and the Brooklyn Museum next door.” You’ll be hungry after a full day of crafting and seeing the sights, so Ashley  suggests Caracas Arepa Bar for dinner.  She notes, “They have the best arepas, a luscious outdoor patio and best of all, a $1 ‘freelancer’s rum shot’ with any beer!”

For the “BEST dumplings EVER,” according to Rhonda from in the seam and Beautiful Brooklyn Birds, you should head to M Noodle Shop in Williamsburg.

If you need to get your antique shopping fix while in Williamsburg, Angie from a.s.i.s. recommends the Brooklyn Flea Market. It runs from 10-5 on Sundays, so stop by before RCF, or stock up on DIY crafts with us after you barter for vintage finds! Angie also recommends Brooklyn Bowl, Radegast Hall & Biergarten, and  Barcade, “a fabulous bar with tons of classic arcade games like Moon Patrol, Centipede, Frogger, Donkey Kong, and Zaxxon.”

Amy from Perch! recommends exploring Red Hook and the shops and restaurants along Van Brunt Street. Stephanie of Coral and Tusk concurs, and says “wandering around these cobblestone streets is super fun and feels like such an interesting and wonderful neighborhood!”

If exploring Dumbo, Stephanie also recommends dining at Superfine, or reBar and strolling around the waterfront. Aileen from FeltForest suggests a visit to nearby Jacques Torres for amazing chocolate, and a trip to Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene to browse the stacks. If you are looking to dine while in Fort Greene Jason from Paste tells us No. 7 is his “favorite restaurant right now in all of NYC.”

Because a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is a must-do, you can pair your stroll into Manhattan with a visit to the Neue Galerie on a recommendation from Vera of VERAMEAT. She says, “the cafe is superb & central park is right out the window!”

When you head back across the bridge into Brooklyn, Michelle and Katy from Twig Terrariums tells us that the best place to refuel is at Grimaldi’s. “Brooklyn is famous for pizza,” they explain, “and and nothing is quite like Grimaldi’s.  They’re like little slices of heaven.” With the exception of coffee, nothing fuels the Renegade Gang more than ‘za, so count us in!

Brooklyn vendors, thanks for cluing us in on the happening places to be in the city!

If you have a must-do recommendation please add it to the comments below to help us round out the best of the borough. Brooklyn, we will see you soon!

Featured Artist: Early Jewelry



Today’s featured is Kylie Grater also known as Early Jewelry. Get to know the work, life, dog and new projects of the Lawrence, KS based crafter. And then check her out this weekend at the 7th Annual Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn.

First, The Work!

Early Jewelry, established into 2004, draws inspiration from the great plains and rural Kansas. She uses feathers, bone, wood, and leather to create a sustainable, natural and wearable line of jewelry.


The Life!

Kylie has always been invested in the crafts. She began making jewelry in high school, went on the earn a degree in metalsmithing and also took a trip abroad to study craft. After Early Jewelry began in 2004, she went full time in 2007 and even started her own craft fair called LOLA [Ladies Of Lawrence] as a venue for crafters in Kansas. All pieces are made by Kylie, in her Lawrence studio.

After the jump, meet Kylie’s dog, Captain and her latest Early line, Early Vintage.

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Artist Spotlight: Coral & Tusk


We’ve long been fans of Stephanie Housley’s Coral & Tusk line. And who can blame us? Her work is filled with a sense of adventure, whimsy, and humor. And as luck would have it, Stephanie is going to be at the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair THIS WEEKEND!!! You guys, it’s time to get EXCITED!


Can you describe your artistic process? How does something go from idea to awesome surly sailor pouch, for instance?

I almost always start with a pencil drawing on paper, and believe it or not, I usually have great luck imagining these characters and scenarios while I am on the subway! I am obsessed with all things nautical – things like captains, crabs, and peglegs…and whales of course! The characters really reveal themselves once I start drawing.

How did you land on the name Coral & Tusk?

I really liked the imagery of these two names and felt they would look interesting as drawings. Also, a main objective for naming the brand was to have the names have a deeper meaning, and both coral and tusk are representative of good luck + auspiciousness. I also really like that there is crossover of sea to land with both of the materials.



As a Brooklyn resident, do you have any tips on the best spots to check out for us out-of-towners?

I live in Prospect Heights which is a fantastic jewel of a neighborhood and is 5 minutes from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the Brooklyn Museum, and last but not least, the amazing Prospect Park. {Pssst — look for more Brooklyn tips from Stephanie in a later post!}

Are you working on anything new or top secret for Brooklyn RCF?

The Hungry Series has been a really fun project to develop…It started with a Very Hungry Whale, then came Hungry Hungry Hippo based on a conversation I had with my dad after he watched a nature program and was blown away by the fact that a hippo could “chomp a crocodile right in half!!!” And the latest in the series is…Man-eating Tiger! I’m also really super excited to have the merit badges this year, including some new ones this season!


Thanks so much, Stephanie! We’ll see you (and the other amazing Brooklyn artists!) this weekend!

Theme ~ Geometric


Daina Platais Ceramics ~ Vase

Nina Mantra ~ Origin Necklace

Bambako ~ Black & White Striped Headband

It Didn’t Seem So Bad ~ Quilt Print

Gold Fools ~ God’s Eye Necklaces

Virginia Kraljevic ~ Peak 8×10 Pen and Ink Print

Camilo Rola ~ Lumber Jack Tee

Volta Organics ~ Punk Soap

Jokey Yokey ~ Confetti Eggs

The Brooklyn Haus ~ Ikat Love Throw Pillow

mgmy ~ Faceted Planter

Benjamin Reynaert ~ Nest Art Book

Mikinora ~ Pyramid Necklace

Julie Dye Craft ~ Geometric Kusudama Ball

Thief & Bandit ~ Hand Printed Navajo Tank

Beau Ideal Editions ~ Red Fox Card

Miniature Rhino ~ Shapes Pin Set

PEAKbyDaniele ~ Chevron Necklace

Mistura Timepieces ~ Green Life

Michelle Hartney ~ Striped Ribbon Military Inspired Necklace

Peg & Awl ~ Smoke Stacks Candle Holders

In the Seam ~ Sewer Grate Pillows

Moira K Lime Jewelry ~ Mini Pod Studs

Scarlett Garnet ~ Arizona Sunset Indian Necklace

Angela Monaco Jewelry ~ Pineapple Mineral Massacre Ring

Conveyor Arts ~ Magazine

Clam Lab ~ Pair of Porcelain Pods

My Zoetrope ~ Rain Stripe

Crafter Spotlight ~ Twig Terrariums

Brooklyn’s Renegade Craft Fair is right around the corner, and we are bursting with excitement!  For this installment of our Crafter Spotlight series, I’d like to highlight the work of Twig Terrariums .

Twig Terrariums is a verdant, Brooklyn, New York based venture, sprung from the minds of two old friends, Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow. We create moss terrariums and other small worlds in antique, vintage, and new glass containers, apothecary jars, science glass, kitchenware, and any odd glass objects we find on our travels.

Each Twig Terrarium contains a very special scene using miniature figurines to complete your little green landscape – from idyllic pastoral scenes with cows and horses to angry punk rockers and Central Park muggings.


The miniature inspires us because we love the idea of making a little green world you can imagine yourself visiting throughout the day.  For those urbanites out there who do not have a plethora of sunlight in their homes and offices, nor the time to manage plants but still want to find a way to bring the outside in, a well-thought terrarium is the way to go.

We call this mini-scaping, and the little people complete the scene. We’ve created scenes from Central Park, grand pastures complete with tiny sheep or horses grazing, vagabonds camping out, Prospect Park geese and ducks enjoying the pond, hikers, punk rockers, artists, and mountain climbers.  You’ll notice that every Twig Terrarium incorporates little people interacting with nature, and this lends to our spin on miniaturized contained life.

Aren’t these great?!  If you find yourself in Brooklyn on June 11 + 12, be sure to stop by the Renegade Craft Fair and take one home (or to the office)!

Road to Renegade: The Bocket Store

One of the most fun parts of craft fair season is getting out of our little corner and striking out to see other parts of the country. While the Renegade Gang generally flies the friendly skies, we LOVE hearing about the rad road trips that our vendors undertake. Sarah from The Bocket Storesent along these awesome pics from her recent travels from LA to Austin for the Renegade Craft Fair. Nature, why are you so cool? Also, Sarah will be at the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair next week! See you there!

17 i am tiny

15 desert plants

Artist Showcase: Simple.





Brooklyn, we’re coming for you! Some of our simple favorites…

We’ll see you June 11 +12!
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