Artist Showcase: The Gentlemen’s Brooklyn



And now for Brooklyn! We’ll see you there June 11th + 12th.
Gentlemen first this time!
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Crafter Spotlight: Arte Y Chocolate

You know the phrase “that looks good enough to eat”? Well, good news: the chocolates from Austin vendors Arte y Chocolate is art that IS good enough to eat.  With work as beautiful as it is scrumptious, Arte y Chocolate is one booth that’s sure to have a LOT of traffic at the Austin RCF.

Krystal Craig and Lila Browne  started Arte y Chocolate in 2005. They wanted to create healthier choice (organic and natural ingredient products) to produce artisan chocolates. As two creative foodies, their combined backgrounds and talents spur their artistic chocolate making.

It is not like the movie “Chocolat”, with its Johnny Depp and its magic. It is a lot of hard, skilled work that did take some time to develop. They want to make people happy through chocolate, as it makes them happy. (Ed. note: Um, us too. Us too.)

Okay, ready for the seriously mouth-watering part? For the RCF Austin, Krystal + Lila are making these flavors…

blackberry | salted caramel | gianduja | dark chocolate & cacao nib | salted peanut butter & honey | caramel pink peppercorn | coffee crunch | salted toffee almond | spicy walnut caramel clusters | chocolate dipped mexican snickerdoodle | chocolate-covered kettle corn

For real, good enough to eat.

Theme ~ Deep In the Heart of Texas




We are off to Texas, The Lone Star State, where the state motto is friendship, the state flying mammal is the free-tailed bat, and the state insect is the monarch!  Feast your eyes on this showcase representing state symbols!

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Crafter Spotlight: Miss Natalie + Canoe


Miss Natalie Design + Canoe

What sparked you to start your own business(s)?

I launched Miss Natalie as an outlet for my pattern design work. I wanted to get back to working with my hands and away from the computer. I had been working on larger wallpaper designs, but wanted something smaller and more practical to produce, so I started with handkerchiefs.

Canoe is a new venture that was born out of necessity–my husband’s closets were overflowing with vintage American workwear. We kept finding beautiful old boots and heritage flannels that we couldn’t pass up. Before we knew it, we have a guest room filled with clothing and boots, so Canoe was hatched.

a selection of our hand tooled leather key chains for Canoe


What local folks inspire you right now?

So many people, really. Austin is full of folks following their passions, be it design, music, or farming. I’ve been lucky enough to become good friends with a ton of talented people–Leah Duncan, Abby Powell of Abby Try Again, Caroline Colom Vasquez of Paloma’s Nest, and Mary Kathryn Paynter of Loretta Flower, just to name a few. I also teach graphic design, so I’m constantly inspired by my students as well.

Teacher’s Pet apple box


What are your favorite materials to work with, and why?

Wood and leather. I started wood burning a while ago, but just last year began working with leather. From cowboy boots to horse saddles, people here are really serious about their leather work. I’m still just learning, which makes it really exciting. Mistakes often turn into happy accidents.

Process shots of tooling leather

What’s been the biggest challenge for you with your business?
Time! Isn’t this everyone’s biggest challenge? I wish there were more days in the week to get everything done I want to do. I’m learning to delegate and bring in help for production work, which has freed me up to design and experiment more in the studio.

Thank-You Natalie! You’re super cool!

We carry some of Miss Natalie’s lovely work in our Brick + Mortar shop and our Online Store! Expect to see more this Summer!



Theme ~ DIY

the misanthrope specialty co. ~ Unflattering Portraits

sublime stitching ~ Craftopia Embroidery Patterns

medium control ~ Wood Camera Coasters

sweetie pie press ~ City of Craft Pins

the weekend store ~ Letterpress Necklace

viva greetings ~ Wrapping Paper

sunshine and carousels ~ Let’s Get Crafty Necklace

make shop live ~ Pin Cushion Ring

paste shirts ~ Shadow Rabbit Tee

melissa borrell design ~ Pop-Out Earrings

McCheeks Mayhem ~ Ceramic Planter

christine sharp-crowe ~ I Heart Handmade Book Print

paloma’s nest ~ Custom Ceramic Letters

petite pensieri ~ Crayon Roll-Up Case

my zoetrope ~ Paper Art Doll

nepenthe’s bathtime ~ Knitty Gritty Soap

vrooooom press ~ Make Some Damn… Print

hello-lucky ~ Hay Pitchfork Tee

twinkie chan ~ Sticker Pack

the button florist ~ Handmade Button Packs

corky ~ Wood Camera Necklace

loyalty and blood ~ Tool Necklace

reigrüche studio ~ Sewing Machine Painting

handmade julz ~ Button Accessory

RCF Insider Tips ~ What to Do the Day of the Fairs

PHEW! It’s all happening! With the Austin RCF right around the corner (whoa whoa whoa!) and the rest of the summer fairs following close behind, we thought we’d share our RCF Day of the fair tips with ya’ll so you’re hydrated, happy and (not) hungry!

Coffee and breakfast
Intelligentsia Coffee
Caffeeeiiiiinnnnneee, we neeeeeed you!
While we usually have vendors selling coffee at our events, these vendors, like you, need to set up. Make sure you’re caffeinated prior to the fair, just in case they aren’t set up right when you get there. That is, of course, if you enjoy the delicious coffee. We certainly do. Breakfast, or some sort of pre-fair snack is also very important. (Thanks Mom!)

Tent Panorama

These tents don’t fill themselves! Make loading in easier on yourself!
The Renegade Craft Fair does not supply dollies or handcarts the day of the fair. If you have friends that are also participating, consider helping each other load in and out. This will reduce traffic, stress, and most importantly, save time! You do not have to check in at the info booth, however, we’ll have maps waiting for you to make it easy to find your spot! If you’re renting tables/chairs from us, they will either be placed in your booth (depending on which fair you’re participating in) or at a designated location for pick-up. Make sure you know when your load in time is, and that you’re vendor kit-savvy prior to the fair.

Booth Savvy
Enormous Champion + Remedy Quarterly

What good are friends if they can’t help you at the fair?
The booth partner is key to your success. A friend, or volunteer that you know has a great attitude, is good at simple math, can lift up to 50 lbs, and can rep your lovely work as if it was their own is crucial at the fairs. Make sure that you schedule breaks for food, restrooms, and best of all shopping!

Your booth is a pop-up shop for your work. Make sure your booth display(s) are sturdy, your signage is visible, and please don’t creep into your neighbor’s space. If you’re outdoors and you’ve brought your own tent, be sure it’s weighted down to prevent wind from carrying your canopy to an off-the-map location (how will anybody find you that way?).

Spincycle Yarns

Hydration is so hot right now.
If you’re participating in an outdoor event, do not leave the comfort of your home/hotel/van without the following: Sunscreen, more water than you think you’ll need, hats, and appropriate clothing (i.e don’t wear a leather dress in L.A. when it’s 85 degrees and sunny…not that someone on our staff has ever made that mistake…ahem). Indoor fairs, of course, are not nearly as formidable. Just make sure you have clothing options if it gets too hot/cold.

Payment Methods
Cleo Dee's
Let people know you take credit cards! People love not using cash!
Do you have enough cash for change? Do you have the square app (i-phone/i-pad required)? The square app allows you to accept credit cards at the fair! Cool! If you don’t have the fancy schmancy i-phone or i-pad, a good old invoice pad or “knuckle buster” credit card “machine” does the trick!

Frowning, cell phone + computer obsessing, and ignoring people are turn- offs for customers (and wholesalers!). The fair can be exhausting, but try to think of it as an opportunity to test the market for your work! What’s selling? What isn’t? How can my booth + work evolve next time? It’s never too late to go back to the drawing board!


Craft friendship is the best kind of friendship.
Finally, be communicative, and nice with your neighbors and organizers. If there is a problem that you or your boothmate cannot solve then feel free to make your way to the info booth for help (we’re happy to)! If you just want to say “hello” then expect one of the Renegade Gang to be around at some point to do just that!

Thanks for reading! We’re so excited to see you all at the fairs!

*Handmade fist pump*

Crafter Spotlight: Erico Studio & Homako

Studio Erico by Erica Ellis


About Studio Erico’s Inspiration –>

I’ve been immersed in Japanese culture my whole life and have been folding little cranes since I was small.  The crane has been my main inspiration.  When I was a kid it took me 3 years to fold 1,000 paper cranes.  Now that I’ve started making little earrings out of them, I can fold 1,000 in about a month.  Pretty crazy.  I love it and enjoy it. I find myself making them all the time and leaving them in restaurants and various places.  Hoping that someone will enjoy it and keep it.

Homako by Yoko Minemura Vega

About Homako’s Inspiration –>

My inspiration comes from simple things.  Candy, cartoons, umbrellas, clouds, forests, and old ladies in vintage clothes.  I usually watch Japanese cartoons while i work and snack on candy to give me energy!  I work from my apartment where i personally stitch, sew, cut, and ship every one of my creations all over the world.  My dream would be to visit some faraway country and happen to see someone wearing my jewelry.  I am also known to wear a rabbit mask a lot.


Theme ~ Seeing Red



Click click click to see the artists!

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Austin Experts



What do Chili, Chief, Bullet, Dream-Bot, and Your Mom all have in common? Names of our Austin vendor’s fictional horses, of course! We polled our local vendors about what they would name their trusty steeds, in addition to where to find the greatest music, food, and all-around fun in the city – feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below!


Regarding the city they call home, the crew from MAKEatx says “toplessness is legal, some of our favorite food comes from trailer parks, and our lovable and sassy homeless cross-dresser captured a large percentage of the vote in three Austin mayoral elections.” Sounds like a Renegade kind of town! Read on for the best of the best, courtesy of our Austin Experts!


Our friends at orangeheat, and several Austin Experts, demanded that one “must go swimming at Barton Springs to fully experience Austin at its finest.

Why a must-do? BDJ Craft Works explains that Barton Springs is “One of the best swimming holes in the country – an immense natural spring pool surrounded by trees and sloping grassy hillsides where you can relax on a blanket with friends or a good book in between dips in the pool.” The Renegade Gang has already made a note to remember to pack our towels.

If you need a break from the Fair (and we hope you don’t!), BDJ Craft Works also suggests the hiking & biking trail surrounding Lady Bird Lake as a great way to relax – it’s located a quick walk away from the Palmer Events Center.

If you are interested in a shopping excursion while you are in town, our friends at Nakatomi think Austin Books and Comics can’t be beat. Tim says “no shop can compare to this Austin landmark – it’s been in business for over 25 years!

I could spend hours looking at all of the weird stuff inside,” Pommes Frites tells us of  browsing the antiques at another local favorite, uncommon OBJECTS. The goods are “hypnotically color coded,” she adds, and “it’s where I draw some major booth display inspiration.

Squid Ink Kollective also recommends a trip to Domy Books to check out the handmade zines. We can’t get enough of Domy either, and we are looking forward to browsing their pop-up shop at the Austin Fair!

Our local vendors all agreed that one should not leave Austin without seeing the bats flying from underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge. Show up around dusk to see swarms of these fuzzy creatures flying about. Who needs a sunset, when you have bats? This is why we love you, Austin.


From SXSW to Willie Nelson, Austin has established itself as a mecca for great music. Melissa, of Katastrophic, enjoys the “sweet, heartbreaking, grungy-folk tunes” of local indie musician John Roy Jenkins, while Melissa Borrell is a big fan of listening to Monarchs.

As far as music venues go, Austin Experts gave Mohawk, Emo’s and Stubb’s rave reviews, and Tim from Nakatomi says “the Continental Club is always a great time, no matter who’s playing.

Kristen and Eve from MAKEatx reiterate, “the entire city is a great venue!” and they suggest the lawn at Shady Grove, blues on the green at Zilker Park, and the East Side Show Room for other live music options.

If you want to add to your music collection while in town, Waterloo Records has a vast selection of tunes that can’t be beat – keep your ears peeled for their DJ’s at the Fair!


One thing is for certain: y’all are opinionated about your BBQ!

We heard about Rudy’s (not to be confused with another favorite, Ruby’s), as well as Franklin Barbecue, but when asking where to get the best in town the same answer came out on top: “The Salt Lick! Hands down!

Leah Duncan’s exclamation, echoed by numerous Fair vendors, got us excited to head to Driftwood for, as she puts it: “the best bbq, beef ribs, and mustard based sauce.” Yum. If you are up for a Texas road trip, check out Lockhart for more BBQ options.

If you prefer the meat-free lifestyle, like a few of the Renegade Gang, Squid Ink Kollective recommends “veggie BBQ at Iggi’s Texatarian, a food trailer on the east side with great vegan southern fare.” Our experts also suggest Mr. Natural, and The Blue Dahlia Bistro for other vegetarian fixin’s.

Interested in food trailer dining? Torchy’s Tacos, Me So Hungry, and East Side King were favorites mentioned by our experts. Other much-loved Austin restaurants included Justine’s, Home Slice Pizza, Corazon, and Tomodachi Sushi, which has Courtney, from Sublime Stitching raving: “they have special dishes that are so delicious, I dream about them!

A huge thank you to all of our Austin Experts for their help – we could not be more excited to bring the Renegade Craft Fair back to your city! Be sure to visit our artist’s page to check out our vendors, from Texas and beyond. See you soon, Austin!





RCF Insider Tips ~ To Market, To Market

Tens of thousands of people will see your handmade delights at each Renegade Craft Fair, making it a pretty stellar way to get the word out about your excellent handmade business. But helping people remember you and keeping interested in what you’re doing is another huge component of being a successful crafter. Here are some tips for starting, building, and keeping up the momentum with effective marketing.

The Social Network

Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest are all super effective ways to keep people in the loop about the goings-on of your business. Putting a little something out there a couple a times a week reminds your fans/followers that you’re around and gets them looking at your website. You don’t have to be one of those “I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.” kind of Tweeters, but the occasional “Hey! New stuff!” kind of update reminds people of your awesomeness Also, make friends online! Replying to other people’s tweets, updates, and photos puts your name in front of thousands of people’s eyes, and that exposure goes a long way.


Brand it
There are a whole lot of vendors at the RCF, and it can be hard for attendees to remember who made what (we get a lot of “I saw these great earrings/vases/prints at last year’s Renegade but don’t remember who made it” calls at Renegade HQ.). Remove the guesswork and make your mark by putting tags with your business name + website on your pieces. You’ll also want to keep a huge stash of business cards available for passersby. Or better yet, replace traditional business cards with something larger and tangible that your customers can take with them. Buttons and other freebies make people happy and make people remember you. Postcards in place of business cards allow you to give customers a snapshot of your work, and their size makes them harder to lose.

E-mails, E-mails, E-mails!
Having a book at the front of your booth for people to sign up for your e-mail list is a must. Letting people know they’ll be the first to know about new items and special deals is a great incentive to signing up. And once you have an e-mail list, USE IT! Don’t be shy to send out e-mails once every one or two weeks. Sure, you might lose a few subscribers here and there, but communicating directly with your customers is a great way to keep up marketing momentum.

It’s a Sign!
This one’s kind of a no-brainer, but be sure to have a big ol’ sign with your business name in your booth. It’s always good to put a name with a face and a product.

Make Blog Friends
If you have a blog (and you should have a blog! They’re so much fun!), showcase your favorite finds, buys, and customers after the fair. Chances are, your favorite crafters will return the favor and feature you. Also, add all your photos to our Flickr pool, it’s a great way to connect with other crafters and attendees.

Thief and Bandit

Work Hard and Be Kind

Cheesy but true: some of the best marketing is simply you, doing what you do and doing it with a smile. Have fun, be kind, and people will remember you.

Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Crafter Spotlight: Millions of People Happy + COATT Jewelry


The first in a series of spotlight features on Austin artists we can’t wait to see at the fair!
Millions of People Happy by Michelle Moode

Please tell us how you started Millions of People Happy – what sparked you to start your own business? Also, what is the significance of the name? It’s so awesome + unusual!

I have always been drawing and making things, and the older I get, the more comfortable I feel with the notion that making things is what I do best. Although I find great satisfaction in making work, sharing the things I create is equally satisfying and motivating, and therefore seems like something I should keep doing, right?

“Millions of People Happy” is a quote from one of my all time favorite movies, the original Muppet Movie from 1979. The possibility of making millions of people happy is suggested to Kermit-the-Frog by Bernie-the-Agent, prompting Kermit to leave his swamp and move to Hollywood, where he and his friends sign a “standard rich-and-famous contract.” It’s a sincere, wholesome goal.

Are you working on anything top secret/new for the Austin fair?

I am both excited and nervous about setting up my space. I approach events like Renegade as an opportunity to create a little 10′ installation of my work. I have been making tons of tiny books (out of scrap paper) that may figure into the design/decoration of the space. Also long ruffled “bookish” things will figure into the plan. I’m thinking about texture, detail, subtlety, and out of necessity it will all be light-weight!


What are you most looking forward to in Austin?

My big brother lives in Austin! Very excited to see him, and my parents, who will be visiting from East Texas. I love Austin. I look forward to playing mini-golf and drinking beer with my brother, antiquing, maybe visiting the Alamo Drafthouse, or renting obscure science fiction from I Luv Video. I am a big fan of Austin-y businesses. And of course it will be nice to get out of Los Angeles for a few days!

What’s your go-to source of inspiration?

I have a few: antique stores, book stores, libraries. The Griffith Observatory. Science Fiction. Old animation. And as previously indicated, Muppets. Enjoy:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
COATT Jewelry by Rebecca Coagan Sharlatt

Please tell us how you started COATT – what sparked you to start your own business?

I’ve always been interested in start ups. I think they make the world go round. I am an idea monster, but COATT really seemed like something good to move forward on and put roots down in the design world. It is a combination of my last name and my partner’s last name.

Are you working on anything top secret/new for the Austin fair?

We have added YEEHAW to our morse coded line, and I hope to put together some special multiple strands.


What are you most looking forward to in Austin?

I am so excited to finally get in to Austin and the show seems like it will be a blast. I love what I’ve seen over the years as far as art/craft/design from Austin and I’m looking forward to meeting some great artists.

The Morse Code line is so simple, and so genius. Why Morse Code?

Morse Code is genius! We are very appreciative to be able to use such a great invention and make it into something to have and use today. The morse coded jewelry is celebrating communication, science, sustainability, simplicity, minimalism, individuality and a little bit of privacy in this reality tv world.

Theme ~ The Shape of Things to Come

shapes copy

Artist names after the jump! Read More

Theme ~ Turquoise

leighelena ~ Buckle Bracelet

the bocket store ~ Sectional Dish

fifi du vie ~ ‘Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers’ Screenprinted Poster

fernworks ~ Nest Ring

lara collins ~ Owl Pillow Cover

foamy wader ~ Sayuri Necklace

from fragments to furniture & beyond ~ Fairytale Miniature

freshART windows ~ Regen’s Desktop

molly m designs ~ Birch Earrings

katastrophic design ~ Teddy Bear Hoodie

glass cathedrals ~ Gone Fishin’

bird project ~ Soap

leah duncan ~ ‘My Boots’ Print

mosey handmade ~ Henny Penny Upcycled Plush

couch guitar straps ~ Vinyl Racer

squid ink kollective ~ Zip Pouch

letterpress delicacies ~ Austin Live Music Cow Card

maneki ~ Rose Ring

black wash ceramics ~ City Mug

jenny n. design ~ Ruche Bag

rose& duke ~ Hand-Embroidered Juna Dress

melissa borrell ~ Parachute Note Card

supermaggie ~ Mandala Tri Tank

urban posture ~ Wood Veneer Card

RCF Insider Tip ~ Submit an All-Star Application

Insider Tips

How can I improve my chances of getting accepted into the Renegade Craft Fair?” We get this question all the time, and while our Fair continues to grow and evolve, the factors that make for an excellent vendor application remain the same. As part of our Insider Tips blog series we are happy to outline a few ways you can submit an all-star application!

You application to the Fair is your chance to shine and show us you are Renegade material, but you only get a few cells on our spreadsheet to do so. Think of your application as your crafty resume, and make sure you put your best foot forward in every way you possibly can.

On each city’s ‘APPLY’ page you can see what factors we are looking for when we jury your application, in short we value:

  •  Unique, well-made, or innovative wares
  •  Emails, business names, and websites that speak to your professionalism
  •  Great photos, excellent styling, or a well-designed website

Be Unique!

In any given year, we receive over 3,000 applications – YOWZA! The quickest way to our hearts, and to a booth at the Fair, is to stand out with a unique craft we haven’t seen before. Reviewing several hundred applications for each Fair gets tedious, and crafters who come up with innovative ideas are a welcome change to looking at application after application with similar crafts.

Maybe you are wondering, “What if I craft something that is common, like jewelry, paper-goods, or t-shirts; how do I stand out?” We don’t expect you to change the course of your craft, and there is room for all kinds of crafts at the fairs, but we encourage you to push the envelope and brainstorm ways you can set yourself apart from the pack:

  •  Collaborate with an artist to use unique imagery, instead of public domain or stock images
  •  Utilize unique packaging
  •  Showcase well-styled photos that highlight your creativity
  •  Make your goods by hand in lieu of having your designs printed or constructed elsewhere (this one is huge for us!)

No matter how well-made and unique your goods may be, if your work falls into the category of Fine Art, Fine Craft, Fair Trade Goods, High Fashion, or Vintage* it probably won’t be a great fit for our Fair. Renegade started as a response to a lack of indie DIY fairs, so if your wares appear as though they could be sold at other traditional craft fairs or markets it’s likely that we won’t rate your application as high as a vendor with a less-mainstream feel. *If you are a vintage vendor and are interested in the Austin or Chicago markets, check out The Vintage Bazaar.

Applying as a shared booth? Choose your boothmate carefully as this could help – or hinder your application. Amazing booths make the Fair dynamic for our attendees, the more creative, colorful, and well styled, the better! Common crafts can be made snazzier when paired with a unique boothmate, or creative booth set up. Always think ahead to the Fair, and keep the bigger picture in mind when submitting your application!

If you are reapplying as a previous Renegade Craft Fair vendor, we pay close attention to how your work has progressed from previous Fairs. No one is grandfathered into any fair, and if you are still “putting a bird on it,”  we encourage you to think outside the box and branch out with a new trend!

Be Business Savvy!

While it’s great to spend the majority of your days being creative and crafting away, don’t underestimate the importance of being business savvy and getting your ducks in a row. An application that exhibits professionalism and consistency in terms of business names, websites, and emails lets us know that you are taking your craft seriously, and we can count on you to be a great vendor at our Fair.

There are many free tools online that make this a breeze – if you aren’t computer savvy, there is no time like the present to learn the ropes! Sites like Etsy and Big Cartel make it easy to sell your goods, but if you don’t want to set up an online shop, it’s still a good idea to have a venue acting as a home base for your business.  Tumblr, flickr, a blog, or Facebook allow you to set up galleries that can be viewed by others – perfect for your vendor application! Set aside a specific place for your art online- while we love looking at photos, we don’t have time to sift through pictures of your gran or your new puppy when reviewing your application.

If you are an amazing screen printer, but a novice knitter, for example, it is a good idea to only show us your best work, so as not to lower the level of cohesiveness and consistency in your application.  In general, be professional with your craft business, even if this isn’t your primary profession.

  •  Set up an email address specific to your business
  •  Highlight your goods on the web
  •  Exhibit professionalism in all aspects of your crafting

Be Creative + Clear With Your Images & Your Website!

Clear photographs, excellent styling, and a creative website showcasing a well cultivated line of goods all make your application stand out. When it comes to your wares, the more the merrier! One product offered in a variety of styles, or a variety of well-made goods always catch our eye. It’s a good idea to make sure your website is up and running, easily navigable, and your online shop is full before you provide us with a link. If you have a blog, tumblr, or flickr page, update it so we see something current when reviewing your application. In the minds of our jurors:

  •  A well styled photo suggests you will make the effort to have a well-styled booth set-up
  • Leading us directly to your work (instead of a maze of Flash-heavy illustrations and homepages) makes it easier for us to get to the goods – the beautiful things you make!
  •  Showing a wide variety of products on the web leads us to believe you will have a full booth at the  Fair
  •  Creative websites make us want to see more of your work at the Fair , websites which are not up to date aren’t as inspiring

Reviewing applications and giving crafters the opportunity to sell their goods is of the most rewarding parts of planning our Fairs. We are always excited to see what a new round of applications has in store.

We look forward to seeing your all-star application soon!

Theme: The Great Outdoors!

Featuring From Left to Right:

Berkley Illustration ~ Black Bear Print

Campfire ~ Great Lakes Tee

Crafty Is Cool ~ Where the Wild Things Are Pattern

Maryink ~ Leafy T-Shirt

Kinaloon ~ Three French Hens, Card

Kozie Prery ~ Summer Bike Cap

VERAMEAT ~ Kill Two Birds With One Stone Ring

Misha Ashton ~ Blue Blossoms

The Mincing Mockingbird ~ “I Assure You…” Art Print

My Paper Crane ~ Apple Tree Terrarium

Paper + Twine ~ Yellow ‘Inspiration Log’

VIVA ZAPATA! ~ Bandolera Rectangular Bag

Abby Try Again ~ “Dahlia Fields” Print

Paul Fredrich ~ “Batman On A Unicorn” Print

Timber! ~ “Zuni Bear” Print

Sharp Shirter ~ “Haymaker” Tee

Lisa Chow ~ “Bear” Print

The Frantic Meerkat ~ “Let’s Go to The Circus” Card

Mat Daly ~ “Faraway Places #14”, Print on Wood

MAKEatx ~ “Chrysanthemum” Fold Over Art Card