What We Bought – Chicago Edition!!!

Well, Division Street is back to its usual hustle and bustle, but compared to just a few short days ago, this is nuthin’!

We heard reports from vendors and buyers alike that this could have been the best Renegade Craft Fair ever. Blush as we may, it is truly the vendors that make the fair so awesome and we’re so proud and happy and most of all overwhelmed by all the crazy cool stuff we saw.

So now it’s Tuesday and we’ve had a day or so to get over our Craft Fair Hangover, as we’ve come to call the Monday fatigue resulting from running around, talking to all of our out of town vendors and best of all, buying stuff.  So without further delay… our Renegade Staff Buys:



Danny’s Buys:


Clockwise-ish from upper left inset (for all pics):

Messenger Bag By Vaya Bags


“Good For What Ails You” Glass Bottle by Kit Paulson Glass

Lasercut Valentine by Owly Shadow Puppets

Ceramic Cup by Up In The Air Somewhere

High Places poster by Mok Duk

Faux Bois T-Shirt by Urban Posture

Animals Tea Towel and Whale Prints by Enormous Champion


Prince Dance Party Poster by No Coast Collective


Kate’s Buys


Bracelet By Dores

Midwest Sign T-Shirt by Campfire Goods (for my big brother!)

Tree House Cup by SODA By Amy

Letter Writers Alliance Addresses of Known Persons Book by 16 Sparrows

Geometric Necklace by Loyalty and Blood

Stamp Set by The Small Object (Because they look like my boyfriend! Seriously.)

Type Writer Hangy-Thing by Circa Ceramics



Sue’s Buys


Hoodie Dress by White Rabbit

Screenprinted Clock by Urban Posture

Owls and Heart Needle Point by Chez Sucre Chez

Mushroom Figurine by Leroy Loves Mabel

Felt Leaf Earrings by Dearest Inez

Landscape Screenprinted Poster by Yellowlion

Brown and Purple Pocket Dress by Moshi Moshi of Sparrow Collective

Ladies Undies by Viva Zapata

Men’s Undies by Junk Drawers

T-Shirt by Supermaggie



Oh one last thing!

To see pictures from this weekend, the fair, the vendor after party at the Around the Coyote Splat Flats Gallery, the South Shore Drill Team and the Black Bear Combo (our awesome entertainment from the weekend) click on this word, right here, this one.