Dude! Bro!

Most guys, to my knowledge, don’t enjoy browsing online shops.  So, in an effort to reduce the amount of browsing necessary for our fans of the manly variety, we’ve created a new category in our shop for Guys. Here is a sampling of some of the items featured in our new section:


One of my favorite new items comes from our friends at Yellow Owl Workshop. This little ship painting is perfect for so many places in my apartment I’m going to have to resist taking it home with me until one of you buys it! The robot shirt by Intl Robot is new to our shop too and it’s been flying off the shelves. Get yours quick! And lastly, this notebook and cover is handmade, designed and screenprinted by the wonderful Chikabird ladies with a funky rendering of a stack of stereo equipment that would make record loving dudes drool.


Every guy has a picture or two he’d like to have framed. Maybe of his mom, or girlfriend, or his dog. This reclaimed wood frame by Eric Erf is perfect. It’s got style, it’s got class, and yet, it’s so rugged, so casual. Maybe there is someone you owe a little note to, or you want to thank your groomsmen? This Retro Ride Blank Note by Rubina is fun for any occasion. And, now on to the more important stuff: Biggs and Featherbelle‘s handmade natural Bark Soap is made with shea butter (so your skin will be all soft) and green tea (so it will be all healthy and stuff) and cedarwood oil (which has astringent & antiseptic properties, so you’ll, like, actually be clean) and cypress oil (so you’ll smell all manly). I guess this is no axe body spray, but I wouldn’t mind sitting next to you if you smelled this good.


Rock posters rock. And Dan Grzeca makes an especially rockin rock posters. This Explosions in the Sky Poster is just one of the many awesome rock and art prints we carry. If you see something you like in our online shop, click on the listing and then be sure to click on the artist’s logo at the bottom right to see more of their work. Dan Grzeca is definitely one of those artists you should check out. Also above is a double folding wallet by Chikabird and a Set of Cork Coasters with a diagram of a camera printed on them. I think that might be as manly as coasters get…


Hand sewn and hand silkscreened, this tie by Jes Switaj is beautiful! It’s bright blue, but saturated color, hip silkscreened design, and skilled craftswomanship make it appropriate for all kinds of occasions. Really, try to think of one where it wouldn’t be. In a business meeting it says, “I’m serious about this deal, I’ll sting you if you don’t sign.” On a date it says, “I’m classy, ’cause I wear a tie – bit I’m hip, I know that jellyfish are in right now.” And at a funeral you can just wear a vest over the design. Similarly, these Green Owl Cuff Links add charm and pizazz to any French cuff shirt you might have. They are handmade of fused glass by Happy Owl Glassworks. And if you’re not so much of a tie wearer but you like saving the earth, check out this wallet made out of a recycled tie by Prix-Prix.

So, you see we’re not all flowers and puppies around here! We’ve got plenty of manly stuff.  And now it’s all tucked in a special place just for guys!

See + Shop Spotlight Series #1: Jill Bliss Online!


We are very pleased to share with you the first in our ongoing Spotlight Series exhibition project highlighting the spectrum of work from stellar craftspeople all over the nation!

First up is Portland-based artist Jill Bliss who we commissioned to paint a brand new mural just for our store!

On view + for sale are a handful of Jill’s gorgeous drawings and many of her handmade fabric + paper goods, which incorporate her original artwork into their designs!

The work will be here till mid-October and photos only partially do the work justice, so stop on by Renegade Handmade and check it out!

Take a look at the mural Jill painted + view work in the exhibition by following this link or clicking ‘read rest of entry’ below!

Click the image of any artwork to Shop Online!!


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What We Bought – Chicago Edition!!!

Well, Division Street is back to its usual hustle and bustle, but compared to just a few short days ago, this is nuthin’!

We heard reports from vendors and buyers alike that this could have been the best Renegade Craft Fair ever. Blush as we may, it is truly the vendors that make the fair so awesome and we’re so proud and happy and most of all overwhelmed by all the crazy cool stuff we saw.

So now it’s Tuesday and we’ve had a day or so to get over our Craft Fair Hangover, as we’ve come to call the Monday fatigue resulting from running around, talking to all of our out of town vendors and best of all, buying stuff.  So without further delay… our Renegade Staff Buys:



Danny’s Buys:


Clockwise-ish from upper left inset (for all pics):

Messenger Bag By Vaya Bags


“Good For What Ails You” Glass Bottle by Kit Paulson Glass

Lasercut Valentine by Owly Shadow Puppets

Ceramic Cup by Up In The Air Somewhere

High Places poster by Mok Duk

Faux Bois T-Shirt by Urban Posture

Animals Tea Towel and Whale Prints by Enormous Champion


Prince Dance Party Poster by No Coast Collective


Kate’s Buys


Bracelet By Dores

Midwest Sign T-Shirt by Campfire Goods (for my big brother!)

Tree House Cup by SODA By Amy

Letter Writers Alliance Addresses of Known Persons Book by 16 Sparrows

Geometric Necklace by Loyalty and Blood

Stamp Set by The Small Object (Because they look like my boyfriend! Seriously.)

Type Writer Hangy-Thing by Circa Ceramics



Sue’s Buys


Hoodie Dress by White Rabbit

Screenprinted Clock by Urban Posture

Owls and Heart Needle Point by Chez Sucre Chez

Mushroom Figurine by Leroy Loves Mabel

Felt Leaf Earrings by Dearest Inez

Landscape Screenprinted Poster by Yellowlion

Brown and Purple Pocket Dress by Moshi Moshi of Sparrow Collective

Ladies Undies by Viva Zapata

Men’s Undies by Junk Drawers

T-Shirt by Supermaggie



Oh one last thing!

To see pictures from this weekend, the fair, the vendor after party at the Around the Coyote Splat Flats Gallery, the South Shore Drill Team and the Black Bear Combo (our awesome entertainment from the weekend) click on this word, right here, this one.

Reception Tomorrow : Spotlight Series #1: Jill Bliss + Life-Long Work-Week


What a week it has been + What a weekend it will be!!

We hope you will join us tomorrow night, Friday, September 11, from 6pm – 9pm for a special reception celebrating 3 fantastic artists who have been working OH SO VERY hard all week long right here in our shop!


Our latest crafty-crush, the fabulous JILL BLISS, has been a total trooper in our brand new Spotlight Series Gallery completing an incredible mural inspired by Midwestern wildlife, flora + fauna.  We also have several of her amazingly detailed, vibrant drawings on display that look lovely up against our signature baby-blue walls!  Don’t pass up the merch-table either, many paper + fabric goods featuring Jill’s original artwork + design are also for sale!!

lifelongworkweekcollageDynamic-craft-duo Chad Kouri + Jessie Brown have been working on some eye-popping, clever new designs in our storefront window as part of their Life-Long Work-Week!  It’s been absolutely fascinating to follow their collaboration along as they complete their drawings, create stencils, burn-screens, pull screenprints – aye-yai-yai – these guys do it all and it’s all fantastic!

Meet the whole crew tomorrow night from 6-9pm at Renegade Handmade (1924 W. Division)!

Don’t forget :: You can pop in the shop or stop by the booths of all these fantastic artists at this weekend’s 7th Annual Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago!!

For those in Alaska this weekend…

So we know that not everybody will be able to make it out to the fair in Chicago this weekend, but those of you stuck in the far reaches of the country, never fear! We’ve been working on updates to the online shop with work from a bunch of talented artists to satisfy your craving for craft!


We just got these new card designs from shop-favorite Apak and they could not be cuter. They’re just calling out to be sent to your long-distance best friend you need to catch up with. Plus, you gotta love the bowl haircuts– I was totally rocking one of those in kindergarten.


We just updated some of our prints that are available online. On top are two from Jaime Zollars– “Underwater Circus” and “Homeless” (Is that not just the saddest owl you’ve ever seen? Poor guy.) and Yoko and Beck on the bottom are by a new artist we just started carrying, Brett is a Girl.


We can’t help but give a plug to these cards from Pinecone + Chickadee. It just doesn’t get much cuter. They’ve got cards for new babies, simple hellos and even some blanks for when you’ve gotta plenty of your own stuff to say.

See, just because you’re not in Chicago doesn’t mean you have to go craft-less. But if do happen to be in the area, we hope you come down and check out these and about a million other awesome goods at the fair and in the shop this weekend!

Renegade Announces Spotlight Series + In-store Events!!


From Monday, September 7 – Friday, September 11 Renegade Handmade will be host to two special in-store projects!

We have transformed the backroom of our storefront into a sweet mini-gallery for our brand new Spotlight Series, an ongoing exhibition project highlighting the work of stellar craftspeople from all over the nation!

1st up is Portland-based artist + designer Jill Bliss, who will be on site painting a gorgeous new mural beginning Tuesday the 8th – the piece is being commissioned and created just for our storefront!! Jill will be painting the mural in-store and also will have several drawings and merchandise on display and for sale!

Also appearing all week at Renegade Handmade are artists Chad Kouri (of The Post Family) + Jesse Brown completing their Life-Long Work-Week!! For this special artists-in-storefront residency project, Kouri + Brown will be putting the collaborative crafting-process on full display – utilizing our storefront window as a studio for the creation of all new works to be sold at the Craft Fair!

We hope you will stop in anytime next week + join us Friday, September 11, from 6pm – 9pm at Renegade Handmade (1924 W. Division) for a reception celebrating these two projects!!

It’s all leading up to the 7th Annual Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago the weekend of September 12 + 13!!